Have you outgrown your paper-based business continuity and disaster recovery plans?

Your organisation has changed and you are finding that the current “paper-based” planning methodology no longer is fit for purpose.  If you recognise any of the following items familiar, it may be time to invest in a business continuity software planning solution:  1.       Are your plans hard to maintain and have numerous areas for updates? […]

Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) allows an organisation to identify the criticality of processes, interdependencies with other business units and third party suppliers, critical system requirements (e.g. systems and applications), vital files, network drives and hardware, describe manual work arounds and prioritise business functions during a recovery situation. The BIA forms the basis for the […]

Workarounds and the backlog effect

A workaround is an alternative process used to replace the normal ‘business-as-usual’ process or IT system which may be unavailable during business disruption. When determining the Maximum Tolerable Outage (MTO) for a business function, whether or not there are manual, paper-based workarounds is a factor that can help work out how long you can afford […]