Maximum Tolerable Outage is Also Defined by User Frustration Levels

In the days when business continuity was still mostly a competitive advantage, there was a tendency to think of maximum tolerable outage as being defined by external customer expectations. Whether for manufacturing, finance or other industry sectors, MTO was measured in terms of effect on the customer base, likely customer reactions and the impact on […]

When the Business Case for Business Continuity affects Supply Chain Operations

A business case for business continuity is not just about additional benefits that BC might bring to an organisation. In some cases, the need to ensure that an enterprise can “take a lickin’ and still keep on tickin’ “ means other advances in operational theory and practice need to be given up.  A case in […]

Loophole In Business Continuity Planning In The Finance Sector?

Business continuity planning is a hot issue in the finance sector, and understandably so because of the real time nature of much of its activities. It’s not surprising therefore that two of the prominent regulating bodies in the United States, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.) and NFA (National Futures Association), both define their expectations […]

Business Continuity Plan Templates and the BCI 2012 Horizon Scan

The idea of a business continuity plan template is intuitively seductive: you take a “one size fits all” document, tick the boxes that apply to you and then “turn the handle” to generate your BC plan. There are certainly common principles, risks and factors across businesses and organisations in general; but the latest survey findings […]

Rightsizing Your Business Continuity Consultant

Of course, what we really mean is rightsizing the services a business continuity consultant can provide. How much or how little an organisation decides to involve an external consultant will depend on the extent of business continuity planning needs, and how that organisation is set up to handle them. Ideally, you’ll leverage the involvement of […]

CIOs warned to prioritise governance and business continuity

Recent natural disasters have spurred warnings to forgo a reactive approach to governance. In this Computerworld article, HopgoodGanim’s IT lawyers are reminded of the importance of  prioritising ICT governance and business continuity to minimise risk to the business, in the wake of the recent natural disasters plaguing the nation and indeed the world. Click here […]