Virtualise All You Want but Business Continuity Must Still Be End-to-End

It started with IT server virtualisation and then continued with cloud computing. Instead of physical machines running a company’s own software applications, we now simply have interfaces to virtual instances of these things. Computing resources are no longer located in a specific piece of equipment on a company’s premises. They are ‘somewhere’ in the cluster […]

What’s in a name? (as in Business Continuity)

Is the term “business continuity” appropriate? It applies to a wider sector than the “business” part of the name suggests. As well as profit-driven, private sector enterprises, many public sector organisations also have BCM in place. Still, the public sector can be just as “business-like” in pursuing its goals as the private one. On the […]

Business Continuity Good Practice Guidelines 2010

The business continuity good practice guidelines 2010 were defined by the Business Continuity Institute as an update to BC planning and practice.  The fundamental model maintained the six phases of the BCM lifecycle. What changed was the flavour of the guidelines compared to earlier versions.