APRA and Business Continuity in Finance – Accountable in More Ways than One

Business continuity is a big deal in financial institutions. This is not just because of the institutions themselves, but because of the widespread follow-on effects of interruption to their millions of business and consumer customers. APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) revised its compulsory standards in 2012 by bringing out Prudential Standard CPS 232 for Business […]

Business Continuity Management, Legislation, Regulations & Standards

There are many guidelines, good practices, regulations and auditable standards relating to Business Continuity Management available internationally and specific to Australia. The BCI has release a document that aims to be the  most comprehensive list available outlining all of the different business continuity management standards etc available. It is divided up by country and classifies […]

Making Sense of Business Continuity Frameworks, Standards & Guidelines

There are about 50 or more Standards, Codes of Practice and Practice Guidelines for business continuity, risk management and IT disaster recovery around the world. Some are internationally applicable and some are country-specific.   Below is some information about the various frameworks and standards that may relate to Australian organisations. This is not the complete list […]