Business Continuity and Alternate Site Distance

The pairing of business continuity and alternate sites has around for some time. Whether hot, warm, cold, mirrored or even mobile, the idea is to provide facilities for an organisation to continue to function, at least at a basic level, if disaster strikes normal operations. The question that arises is how close or how far […]

Business continuity and alternate site location

Business continuity and alternate site decisions involve a number of possible trade-offs. Depending on the budget to be made available or the flexibility possible in recovering operations for different sites, an alternate site policy can differ from one case to another.

Business Interruption – Water pipe burst evacuates 3500 from Sydney’s AMP Tower

A real life example of a business interruption incident today. A burst water pipe in the AMP Building in Sydney caused 3500 staff to be evacuated. For the businesses without water damage, hopefully access can be restored and everyone is back to work on Monday morning. If any businesses sustained significant damage to their floor, […]

Recommended considerations for selecting an Alternate Recovery Site

Do you need to select an alternate recovery site for your business continuity or IT disaster recovery? In the event of a disaster, it is crucial that your organisation can transition as smoothly as possible into a recovery site and commence working on critical business processes as quickly as possible.  Ensuring that an appropriate alternate […]

Choosing a Business Continuity Recovery Site

If an organization experiences a ‘denial of access’ or ‘loss of premises’ due to incidents such as extended power outage, flood or fire, an alternate location for critical business processes and staff needs to be established. An Alternate Site is the premises to which a business unit may transfer its operations in the event of […]