OpsCentre Roundtable Event – Managing Emerging and New Era Risks

In the 21st century, a number of New Era or Emerging risks are challenging our traditional risk management methodologies, tools and techniques.  Risk professionals must keep up-to-date with them: assessing, mitigating and managing these risks, each and every day.

 What is a New Era, or Emerging, Risk? Categories include Economic, Environmental, Geopolitical, Societal and Technological.  Examples include Demographic shift, Climate changes, Social Networking, Terrorism, Pandemics and Critical information infrastructure, to name just a few. 

Join us for this roundtable discussion to share your ideas and find out how your peers assess and manage new era risks and ensure protection of their organisation’. 

OpsCentre extends an invitation to the roundtable event to Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Managing Directors, Business Continuity Managers, Risk and Compliance Managers, and all senior executives looking to understand and identify “Emerging Risks” during 2010/11.

Rod Crowder, Managing Director of OpsCentre, will facilitate an open and unbiased discussion between participants; providing an opportunity to comment and discuss individual perspectives and share related issues and experiences with each other.   He will outline a number of action areas where senior executives can gain rapid traction on this important challenge.   

Our round table discussion topics include:

What are the major categories of Emerging Risk?

Do existing Risk Management practices cater for these types of risk?

What emerging risks will your organisation face next?

How are organisations assessing qualitative and quantitative Emerging risks?

What risk response strategies need to be implemented?

Is there a need for collaboration with an external party to deal with emerging Risks?

What methods are there of effectively using indicators to monitor Emerging risks?


We look forward to sharing your views and perspectives at our Roundtable event.

Thursday October 21, 2010
from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM EST

Vibe Hotel Sydney
111 Goulburn St
Sydney 2000

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