OpsCentre Round Table Event – Operational Risk – the convergence of People, Processes & Technology

Operational Risk emerges from various sources; sometimes lying undetected for years, or more often, unexpectedly, catching executives off-guard.   Join us for this roundtable discussion to share your ideas and find out how your peers mitigate operational risk and ensure protection of their organisation’.

The discussion is relevant to Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Managing Directors, Business Continuity Managers, Risk and Compliance Managers, and all senior executives looking to assess and mitigate risks during 2010/11.

Rod Crowder, Managing Director of OpsCentre, will facilitate an open and unbiased discussion between participants; providing an opportunity to comment and discuss individual perspectives and share related issues and experiences with each other.   He will outline a number of action areas where senior executives can gain rapid traction on this important challenge.

Operational Risk is one of many categories of risk managed by all organisations, others include; strategic, compliance, reporting, market, credit, legal, political and insurance risks.  Whilst some types relate to generation of strategic advantage or profitability, operational risk is inherent to the imperfections or errors of its people, processes and technology assets.  Organisations must assess the likelihood and impact to generate an overall rating, against which mitigation strategies can be implemented or accept a level of ‘residual risk’.

Our round table discussion topics include:

What are the major categories of operational risk?

How are organisations assessing qualitative and quantitative operational risks?

How does ‘risk appetite and tolerance’ vary across different organisations?

What strategies, methods and tools are organisations using for risk mitigation?

What operational risk management standards or ‘good practice guides’ are relevant?

What experiences do people have in responding to incidents?

We look forward to sharing your views and perspectives at our Roundtable.


Thursday July 08, 2010, 4:00PM to 6:00PM


OpsCentre – Level 18, 323 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000 Australia


Online: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/join/672734064

Audio: +612 6108 4655, Access Code: 672-734-064

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Meeting ID: 672-734-064

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About your Facilitator

Rod Crowder is Managing Director of OpsCentre, a boutique provider of risk, business continuity and disaster recovery consulting, software and training solutions.  He has worked in the Management Consulting sector for 17 years in a variety of management, training, facilitation, project management and consulting roles.

Rod has project managed and consulted on projects for organisations including Telstra, Lend Lease, Nestle, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu Australia, DCA Group, Thomson Legal and Regulatory, Omnilab Media Group, Ambience Entertainment, Amity Group, Amnesty International, Integral Energy, Coates Hire, Westlink M7, Hills M2 Motorway, Franklins Foods and several Federal and NSW Government Agencies, and local councils.

He has undertaken extensive overseas consulting assignments in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, USA and Europe. He holds a Higher National Diploma in Computer Studies from Brighton University in the UK.