How much warning will your business get before an IT disaster strikes?

If history is anything to go by, then expect none at all. It may be flooding, fire, denial of access, or system failure.

But whatever stops IT working, it often brings enterprises rapidly to a halt.

It’s Time to Put the Right Recovery Solution in Place

Reliable, affordable IT disaster recovery management requires sound business thinking. It takes practical planning. And it needs a hands-on approach to ensure the right results.

OpsCentre excels in each of these areas for you.

We put our expert knowledge and experience of IT disaster recovery management at your service to optimise the solution.

  • Effective – We make sure your organisation gets the recovery it needs. OpsCentre works with you to align your IT disaster recovery strategy with your organisational needs. Data availability and integrity are designed in from the start. Various models including on-premise and as-a-Service are assessed for viability and suitability.
  • Efficient – We balance recovery requirements with cost, by selecting the appropriate processes and technologies. OpsCentre consultants find the optimal solution for you to maximise recovery performance, yet minimise upfront, and ongoing, budget impact.
  • Reliable – We build in the regular, realistic testing that all IT disaster recovery management needs. Every activity is measured. Every goal is checked. Instructions are clearly documented so that your employees can apply them as and when necessary.
  • Collaborative. Every IT Disaster Recovery Strategy these days requires collaboration with Data Centre providers, IT Suppliers, Application Providers and Subject Matter Experts to build a solid IT DR framework.  We build this ecosystem to deliver your end-to-end DR solution.

Take Advantage Now and Get Ahead

As new developments change the face of IT and disaster recovery, we help you get ahead of the curve. We can stay on-hand. We can also train your IT staff to become autonomous. It’s your choice. Find out more today. Tell us what you need, in an exploratory conversation with no obligation. We’ll be happy to discuss options for moving forward with you.

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