Disaster Recovery Repackaged for SMEs

Small businesses typically don’t have much in the way of an IT department. Often as not, IT is somebody’s part-time responsibility while holding down the rest of a job. Neither do they necessarily have the funds to splash out on elaborate disaster recovery solutions, or the time to sit down and figure out how to join up all the pieces of equipment necessary for safeguarding their data.  So it’s not surprising that a Californian start-up, another small business in its own right, has come out with an offer that addresses this situation.

The SME market can be a difficult one to serve: small purchase volumes per customer and support-intensive sales relationships are the norm. Axcient’s solution is to supply a small box that sits on the customer’s site to perform backup functions for disaster recovery by connecting the customer’s computers and LAN to an Axcient cloud storage resource via a secure tunnel connection. Set-up is stated to be in as little as five minutes, the price for reasonable data volumes is $100 per month and the solution looks after all the customer’s  operating systems and applications.

Who likes this? So far, 2,000 SMEs with personnel ranging from 1 to 4,000. The company also has a thousand sales partners in the U.S. and is expanding into the international market. Like the router offerings that came onto the market about 15 years ago to make it quick and easy for SMEs to connect to the Internet, Axcient is working to make disaster recovery technically accessible and financially affordable to small businesses. It also safeguards another precious resource: time. It reduces the time for SMEs to get secure and for Axcient solution resellers to make a sale.