Here’s The Quickest Way To Deal With A Crisis

If you’ve ever been involved in a crisis

You’ll know that the most important thing is being able to demonstrate control, and communicate clearly. Even before you invoke your Business Continuity Management or IT Disaster Recovery Plans, an ineffective response to an imminent or actual crisis event will substantially affect your organisation. Crisis Management Planning sets out the implementation of actions to contain and minimise the damage either before the event occurs or as soon after as possible. To take control of a crisis quickly, you need a practical set of tools to get you through the initial response period. Present your Executive or Board members with reams of complex decision trees and useless information, and you’ll guarantee that they’ll revert to ‘gut instinct’, take things into their own hands, and make costly mistakes. Do you really want that? When developing a Crisis Management or Communications Plan, summarise it as far as possible. Provide summary wallet packs or palm cards with critical decisions and mandatory tasks that must be carried out; then educate the people thoroughly on how to use them. Every member of the team should be trained to know their responsibilities if a crisis occurs, key contacts, and tools to support the crisis response, so you can ensure the team moves into full operation in the least possible time as soon as any trigger occurs indicating an impending or actual crisis.

Make sure that your team has relevant information at hand in a crisis

  • Damage Assessment and Control
  • Crisis Team Member Role Assignment
  • Crisis Command Centre Location and Operation
  • Media Management Guidelines
  • Legal Decisions
  • Human Resource and OH&S Management
  • Effective Information Dissemination
  • Action Initiation, Management and Logging
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Our Crisis Management services include

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Planning Workshops
  • Scenario Testing Workshops
  • Implementation & training
  • Stakeholder and Media Communications Plans
  • Crisis Management Plan Maintenance & Review.

We focus on ensuring a smooth transition from normal operations to crisis mode operations and back again, once the crisis has passed. Communication and information dissemination is critical to ensure that internal and external players including staff, executives, media and other stakeholders are all fully aware of what is happening and what outcomes are most likely. So you can relax, in full control.

Deliverables from our consulting services include

  • CM Requirements and Strategy report
  • CM Training materials
  • Project Plan for CM implementation
  • CM Maintenance and Governance Plans.

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