Are Chinese Businesses Doing Well Because of or In Spite of the Web Security?

Is there a relationship between the Internet control and censorship policy in China, and the country’s economic success? Chinese Internet censorship has meant that access has been denied to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others (Wikipedia estimates over 2,600 websites in total). Meanwhile the Chinese economy continues to grow. While the jury is still out […]

Social media – Risks and Productivity Impacts in the Workplace

A few years ago, social media were the bane of many businesses. Seen as a dangerous distraction for employees, some even instructed their IT teams to block access to social networking sites in an effort to recover employee time and productivity. Nowadays however, the tide seems to have turned. Companies look towards social media as […]

CIOs warned to prioritise governance and business continuity

Recent natural disasters have spurred warnings to forgo a reactive approach to governance. In this Computerworld article, HopgoodGanim’s IT lawyers are reminded of the importance of  prioritising ICT governance and business continuity to minimise risk to the business, in the wake of the recent natural disasters plaguing the nation and indeed the world. Click here […]

Business Continuity Planning – More Than Just Disaster Recovery

The disasters in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia have put BCP into sharp focus. In this article, Allan Davies provides advice he gleaned the hard way from working through numerous disasters, and suggests that CIO’s need to think in broader terms than just IT disaster recovery. He outlines nine valuable lessons that should be incorporated […]

What is the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity planning?

Persons new to recovery planning often find it difficult to differentiate between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. In its simplest form, Business Continuity differs from Disaster Recovery in that its focus is on people and the continuation of business processes and objectives rather than the availability of IT systems and infrastructure. Business Continuity Planning deals […]