Business Continuity and Common Risks for Small Businesses

What makes small businesses different to bigger ones when it comes to business continuity? Common risks for small businesses are linked to their operations being confined to one specific sector and one geographical location. They don’t have the possibilities of mitigation available to larger, more diverse, distributed companies. Disaster can strike all of their resources […]

Key Supplier Resilience as part of Business Continuity Management

It is not enough just to look at the resilience strategies for within your organization, the entire supply chain needs to be considered for your critical business functions. Are you reliant on a single supplier for any key products or services? If you have alternate suppliers, are they geographically separate or in other ways diverse […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Continuity

1. The Senior Executive actively supports Business Continuity The CEODirectorGeneral Manager that believes in and wants a functional Business Continuity program in place is a critical success factor. To have a senior Executive that is responsible for setting the priorities and vision for the organisation to stand behind BCP and communicate this to the staff is a powerful change […]

Are your service providers the weak link in your business continuity strategy?

Business functions, systems or processes to be outsourced locally or internationally should comply with the organisation’s Business Continuity Management Policy and Outsourcing Policy.  It is the responsibility of business owners, in conjunction with the sourcing department, to conduct adequate due diligence on the business recovery capability of the outsourced partner, however the relevant Business Continuity […]

What is the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity planning?

Persons new to recovery planning often find it difficult to differentiate between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. In its simplest form, Business Continuity differs from Disaster Recovery in that its focus is on people and the continuation of business processes and objectives rather than the availability of IT systems and infrastructure. Business Continuity Planning deals […]