Linking ISO 22301 to Related Management System Standards

To paraphrase John Donne, no standard is an island. Users implementing systems according to ISO 22301, the standard for business continuity management within the context of societal security, can gain from linking their work to that done on other standards as well. While the standard takes an all-hazards approach and applies equally to both private […]

Divergent Attitudes to Business Continuity Regulation and Recommendation

Should business continuity planning be a legal requirement? Should it be an option left to the discretion of an organisation? A school forced to close for a day because a heating pipe burst and flooded the ground floor is an inconvenience. An online shop that loses its e-commerce site for a day may be a […]

ISO 22301 Societal Security for Business Continuity Management is coming

New standards for business continuity management take a while to define, vote and promulgate, so a schedule that has changed slightly for ISO 22301 in the course of its development isn’t necessarily a problem. What was originally planned as a Q1 release of the standard now appears to be scheduled for May, although by this […]

Business Continuity Plan Best Practice and BCP Standards

Do standards really contribute to business continuity plan best practice? The obvious answer is “yes, of course they do”, and in many cases this is true. However, it is also constructive to dig a little deeper to find out why or how BCP standards can help. For one thing, this means less risk of clinging […]

Business Continuity Good Practice Guidelines 2010

The business continuity good practice guidelines 2010 were defined by the Business Continuity Institute as an update to BC planning and practice.  The fundamental model maintained the six phases of the BCM lifecycle. What changed was the flavour of the guidelines compared to earlier versions.

Business Continuity Management, Legislation, Regulations & Standards

There are many guidelines, good practices, regulations and auditable standards relating to Business Continuity Management available internationally and specific to Australia. The BCI has release a document that aims to be the  most comprehensive list available outlining all of the different business continuity management standards etc available. It is divided up by country and classifies […]