How to Sell the Business Case for Business Continuity

Some of the most effective selling in any context is done by systematically applying certain rules. Selling the business case of business continuity is no exception. Finding out what internal decision-makers want and presenting the case for BC so that it demonstrates value in their eyes, while motivating them to accept sooner rather than later, […]

When the Business Case for Business Continuity affects Supply Chain Operations

A business case for business continuity is not just about additional benefits that BC might bring to an organisation. In some cases, the need to ensure that an enterprise can “take a lickin’ and still keep on tickin’ “ means other advances in operational theory and practice need to be given up.  A case in […]

Does a Business Case for Business Continuity Change after Disaster?

It’s been a year since the natural earthquake and tsunami disasters struck Japan, wrecking many high-tech factories on the country’s north-eastern coast. The Sony Sendai Technology Centre was one of those factories and suffered like the others. Managers and employees struggled to save what they could to restart operations as rapidly as possible. Sony top […]

Business continuity statistics or scaremongering?

Business continuity numbers can be impressive: $200 billion for damages caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, including the disruption to businesses because of destruction of facilities and displaced employees. Then there are the fabled “60-70-80%” statistics that typically look something like this: “70% of companies go out of business after a major data loss”. Yet […]

Bankable Business Continuity

What does business continuity suffer from most? According to a number of Business Continuity Managers, it’s not a lack of methodology or solutions – it’s a lack of senior management attention. Because business continuity is often seen as a cost in terms of both time and money, it may be assigned a correspondingly lower priority […]

Moving towards a business case for business continuity

Making the business case for business continuity is an area that companies struggle with. Whereas fires and explosions can have people’s imaginations working feverishly, when a little time goes by and they don’t happen, they get relegated to a “to do” list that might get done by the IT department, but not by others.