Compliance is an outcome of an organization meeting its obligations. Policies and procedures to achieve compliance must be integrated into all aspects of how the organization operates. Compliance should not be seen as a standalone activity, but should be aligned with the organization’s overall strategic objectives. An effective compliance program will support these objectives.

While maintaining independence, compliance should be integrated with the organization’s financial, risk, quality, environmental and health and safety management systems and its operational requirements and procedures.

Compliance programs should be shaped by an organization’s core values and generally accepted corporate governance, ethical and community standards.

An effective organization-wide compliance program results in being able to demonstrate its commitment to compliance with relevant laws, including legislative requirements, industry codes, organizational standards as well as standards of good corporate governance, ethics and community expectations.

Based on AS3806 (Compliance Processes), AS4360 (Risk) and ISO9001 (Quality), OpsCentre provides a number of compliance management services, including:

• Health checks and reviews of existing compliance systems
• Facilitation of development of compliance programs
• Identification of an organization’s compliance obligations: legal, regulatory and organizational.
• Assisting with documentation of necessary compliance processes and procedures
• Facilitation of development of compliance programs
• Compliance training and awareness programs
• Facilitation of executive compliance management