Your Trusted Advisor For Business Resilience Solutions

OpsCentre’s business continuity consultant’s providing two core services:

  • Business Resilience Managed services
  • Business Resilience Consulting services

Managed Continuity Service Do your business continuity and disaster recovery plans quickly become out of date?

If you’re like most organisations, changes in business structure and functions, staffing, critical supply chains, addition of new premises and changes to IT infrastructure and applications don’t get updated into continuity plan documentation, staff aren’t training and tests get deferred or cancelled altogether due to competing priorities.

The Net Result? If you ever need to invoke the plans in response to a real incident, they’re less than effective, or may not work at all. Perhaps you can’t afford dedicated resources to manage and maintain continuity plans (they can be expensive), and it is a skill-set that most organisations do not necessarily wish to employ or build within their businesses.

We provide an ongoing Business Continuity Managed Service to ensure that plan documentation is always current, staff are trained, and plans regularly tested. We assist with ongoing BC/DR budget management, board reporting, and during times of formal audits. Our managed service removes the maintenance headache, at a fraction of the cost of employing a dedicated business continuity and/or disaster recovery resource.

As specialists in this field, we’re able to bring you invaluable up-to-the-minute industry expertise, with our knowledge of industry trends, regulatory requirements and latest standards and frameworks to support continuity planning.

Consulting Services Our hierarchical solutions model ensures that whatever your needs, you will find it here at OpsCentre: Blog Articles, Whitepapers, Quick Starts Services, Consulting Services and ongoing Managed Services.

Our business continuity consultants have expertise across the following subject matter areas:

Whilst our approach is standards-based, our focus is on practical, pragmatic solutions that help you respond to operational incidents, not just documents that fulfilling an audit or compliance requirement.


Our Business Philosophy and USP

  • At OpsCentre our passionate team of business continuity experts build tailored business continuity solutions for corporate and government clients so they can sleep peacefully at night, knowing no matter what disaster strikes, their business continues to run under all circumstances.
  • Our reliable and practical business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans cover every type of critical incident, whether small or large.
  • We create, test and then train to ensure our solutions with minimal impact on our clients’ time and resources, with delivery guaranteed; on time and budget.
  • Our ongoing managed-service ensures that our clients’ continuity processes, plans and infrastructure are always up to date and ready for use, whenever they are needed.