Adapt or Die – A Darwinian Take on Business Continuity

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Most businesses experience change constantly. Markets, technologies, regulations and strategies all evolve. Enterprises that stand still get left behind and disappear, one way or another. While we have business continuity theories, principles and tools galore, it’s worth revisiting one of the most fundamental concepts from time to time – that of Darwin’s idea of evolution, […]

How’s Your User Experience for Your Disaster Recovery?


It may sound strange to talk about “touchy-feely” stuff like user experience in the context of IT disaster recovery. After all, the priority is on getting systems up and running again within recovery time and recovery point objectives, rather than sitting around in focus groups discussing feelings and opinions. The only UX that many IT […]

Towards Set-It-And-Forget-It Business Continuity


Few activities and operations are truly set it and forget it. Lights-out factories like the showcase installation run by technology company Siemens are proof of concept, but still the exception. Business continuity in most cases requires periodic adjustment because environments and conditions are constantly changing. However, here’s a thought that could change that. The idea […]

Why Stop at Just Disaster Recovery with Your DRP?

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Do more with less. Who hasn’t already heard that in business? And just because something – like disaster recovery planning and management – is vital to ensuring enterprise survival does not mean that you cannot leverage your investment to get more out of it. The more DRP and DRM can help you increase profits or […]