IT Consultant

Tony Shen is an IT consultant specialised in IT Disaster Recovery with a strong background in IT Business Information Systems Management, IT Systems Administration, Disaster Recovery Management, IT Service Management and IT Support in the business and retail industry.

Prior to joining OpsCentre, Tony’s background was in Business Information Systems Management, analysing IT and business requirements for project plan development. Whilst joining OpsCentre Tony has developed business continuity and disaster recovery skills in creating, implementing and managing business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Providing him with an in depth understanding on integration of business requirements with the IT infrastructure environment.

During Tony’s career he has developed strong communication and leadership skills with team members and ensures a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail when delivering key project requirements.

Tony has worked on business continuity and disaster recovery projects for various clients and industries including: Corrective Services NSW, Toshiba, Winning Group, Special Broadcasting Service, Infigen Energy, NSW Treasury and the Prime Minister & Cabinet.

Tony’s specific skill-sets include ITIL/ITSM implementation, Records Management Audit, system design, applications development and business requirements modelling. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business IT Information Systems Management from the University of Technology Sydney and a Diploma in IT Systems Administration from Martin College Darlinghurst.