Senior Consultant

Monique Bryant is an experienced Business Continuity Management professional who joined OpsCentre in 2011 from a strong background in Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery Management and Customer Service within a worldwide leading banking and life insurance corporation.

Prior to joining OpsCentre, Monique’s background in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management includes creating, implementing, testing, training and managing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery projects from beginning to end. This has provided her with an insightful understanding of the importance of integrating the business operational requirements with the IT infrastructure environment.

During Monique’s career she has effectively built strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders ranging from executives, clients and employees at all levels through practical understanding and clear communication to ensure the key requirements of the audiences are met.

Monique is personally driven to ensure that each Client receives the best practical solution specific to the Client’s culture, services, scope and budget.

Monique’s past roles have also included responsibility for applications management and roll-out of new system designs in order to meet the requirements for a more efficient business model. She has been instrumental in highlighting areas for change and suggestions for improvements.