Senior Consultant

Greg Hyde has worked in the Information Technology industry for over 20 years with a variety of positions in Operations Management, Data Centre Management, Business Continuity, Security and Project Management roles.

Prior to joining OpsCentre, Greg held management and consulting positions in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Project Management, Data Centre Management, IT Operations Management and Co-location and IT relocations, in a wide of industries servicing both the public and private sectors.  His industry experience includes several years in the construction, retail management, manufacturing, media, health and education in locations both here in Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region.

He has significant experience in the majority of the main functional skills across many industries, including, Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery Planning, Security Management, Data Centre Management, Project Management and IT implementations in both the public and private sectors.   He has worked on BCP/DRP projects for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, NSW DET, Sydney Cricket Ground, NSW DCS, Coates Hire, WM7, i-MED, Amity, Amnesty International and Thomson International Legal and Regulatory.

His experience spans most disciplines of Information Technology, including IT Strategic planning,  Computer room collocations, documentation of IT processes and procedures, assessment of risk, IT security management, business process and IT vendor management.  These services are highlighted with development, implementation, testing and auditing of large scale Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plans for mission critical business systems,

Greg has worked for Federal and State Government in Australia, and in the manufacturing, construction, retail and education industries.  Throughout his career, Greg has serviced clients both locally and globally, in regions including Asia-Pacific, United States and Europe.

Greg has a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from the University of Technology, Sydney as well New South Wales TAFE certificates in Data Processing and Chemistry.

He has also lectured in both New South Wales and Queensland TAFE with TAFE teaching accreditation.