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BCM Methodology V2 1

The tougher the times, the more vital a strong Business Continuity Plan becomes. It’s not just terrorism, pandemics, natural disasters and the like, the business environment is changing, with cyber attacks and “real time” 24-7 enterprises throwing new challenges and risks at your business.  Resilient, professional Business Continuity Management is a must.

EM Methodology V2 1 1

As an executive in any organisation, its not just about meeting OH&S regulations and keeping the paperwork up-to-date that you need to concern yourself with. It’s the practical implementation of measures of an emergency management response framework, to ensure you can account for, and safeguard, your staff and visitors in all circumstances.

DRM Methodology v2 1

The difference between quick recovery and no recovery is your Disaster Recovery Plan. Each member of OpsCentre’s dedicated team of IT disaster recovery consultants has extensive, specialised experience, so an OpsCentre Disaster Recovery Plan protects your business, your investors and your reputation now, and when it really matters.

CM Methodology V2 1

To take control of a crisis quickly, you need a practical set of tools to get you through the initial response period. Present your Executive or Board members with reams of complex decision trees and useless information, and you’ll guarantee that they’ll revert to ‘gut instinct’, take things into their own hands, and make costly mistakes.

Continuity Plan Health-Checks

Already have a continuity or recovery plan?

Is it up to date?

When was it last tested?

Can you even locate a copy of it?

We will provide your business with a clear, consistent and professional health-check assessments of your existing continuity and recovery plans, processes and infrastructure; taking a non-biased professional look over them; which could be the thing that saves you from the heavy legal penalties that exist in this area. And saving you from the embarrassment and reputation impacts that go along with them.

Our health checks also give you peace of mind, knowing that your continuity and recovery processes are robust, current, and 100% effective in protecting your business.