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The Problem?  Your biggest security risk works in-house.

Disengaged employees make careless security mistakes, and current awareness training does little to combat the suspect judgment and poor decisions that cost companies time and money. Protecting your company’s systems and data is especially challenging when you don’t have a direct line of sight into your employees’ attitudes and beliefs about security.

Security practitioners spend almost 3 hours per day dealing with security risks caused by human error; how effective is your Cyber Security Training & Awareness solution?

  • The cost of data breaches globally is estimated at $2.1 Trillion by 2019 (Juniper Research, 2015)
  • 95% of security breaches are caused by human error (IBM Security Services, 2014)

Security professionals know awareness training is the best way to tackle indifference.  But unfortunately, current awareness training solutions just don’t work:

  • Nearly 50% of all companies don’t have a security awareness training program (Trends in IT Security, CompTIA, 2015)
  • For every $1Bn spent on Security Awareness Training, $74Bn is spent on everything else (Andrew Wells, Gartner, 2016)
  • Traditional IT Security Awareness Training Programs fail to improve enterprise security (Gartner, 2015)

The Solution Engaged employees understand why their actions matter and ultimately make better security decisions. Insightful, impactful and compelling content will change the way your employees think about risk and help them avoid costly mistakes caused by human error. An enlightened workforce, combined with better insight and actionable information, will bolster your efforts to keep your company safe. Learn More

As the antidote for human error, we give employees a compelling reason to care about security.

Through interactive security awareness videos via a data-driven web and mobile platform, we reduce risks, time and costs associated with security breaches that result from human error.

Watch the overview below.

… and all for about the same price as a takeaway coffee, per employee, per month. Of course, Ataata’s intutive dashboard provides real-time, actionable results that are rooted in industry baselining. See how your employees measure up against your industry peers and obtain deep insights into their attitudes about security.

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