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About RecoveryPlanner.com – Business Continuity Management
Founded by experts in disaster recovery, business continuity and emergency response in 1999, RecoveryPlanner assists organizations with making BCP uncomplicated. Hundreds of thousands of users across all industries rely on RecoveryPlanner.

RecoveryPlanner.com delivers Business Continuity Management, with the web-based RecoveryPlanner® business continuity software.

Coupled with attentive and expert services, RecoveryPlanner® RPX software uniquely provides an integrated business continuity planning (BCP) system for all stages of business continuity planning and recovery supports all stages of business continuity planning and management.

The software helps simplify and accelerate risk assessment, business impact analysis (BIA); plan development, testing, distribution, updating and auditing; interactive event and crisis recovery management, communications and emergency notification services.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) or License Purchase Option

RecoveryPlanner is provided through its highly scalable, cost effective Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that RecoveryPlanner will host, maintain, support, and provide updates of the software at no additional charge. With the SaaS model you are not required to purchase any hardware or software – just sign up and go.

The RecoveryPlanner RPX system is also available as a license purchase for those who prefer to keep their systems “in house”.

Unrivaled Ease of Use

  • High User Adoption Rates: RecoveryPlanner’s intuitive interface drives adoption rates higher at all levels in a business from planners to executives. Administrators and planners will learn the essentials in hours, and end users will find it so intuitive that training will be minimized.
  • High Retention: Training and usability are simple since the application is available in an interface that is familiar to most users. It’s so instinctive that even if time has elapsed, you will easily create, test and execute your plans.
  • Access and Usability: RecoveryPlanner is totally web-based. All users will have the ability to create, view, modify, print, distribute, and respond to incidents through the web.

RecoveryPlanner incorporates the following business continuity processes:

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Business impact analysis (BIA)
  3. Planning
  4. Maintenance
  5. Testing and Awareness
  6. Event Management with Notification

Besides providing functionality for conducting enterprise-wide planning, risk assessment, business impact analysis (BIA), etc., the software also addresses other considerations such as testing, updating, audit and notification.

Provides platform for testing and oversight

Through RecoveryPlanner, your company’s plans are activated in real time to allow people to execute each phase of an event with access available through any internet connected device. This real-time plan execution with logging allows for central oversight throughout the process.

Interactive Planning and Recovery

Successful continuity is more than just developing a plan. To meet regulations and ensure successful recovery plans have to actually be actionable. The RecoveryPlanner software is interactive to provide for successful management of events and recovery. Real-time crisis management, business resumption, testing and collaboration between groups are just some of the features that make RecoveryPlanner’s interactive capabilities the best continuity software available today.

One Complete Package – All integrated in One Solution

No need to purchase separate modules or locations. RecoveryPlanner includes all parts of the planning process and plan activation in one integrated web solution.

Getting Started Is Easy

Recoveryplanner’s default content gets you started and its user-friendly screens walk you through development or conversion of your plans or plans. The software comes with a plan already in it. You can use this or just make some adjustments to customize it for your company – the choice is yours.

BCP 2.0

The web is now at its second generation and is often called Web 2.0. By taking advantage of all the technology that Web 2.0 has to offer, RecoveryPlanner is BCP 2.0 allowing such innovative functionality as:

  • Integration. RecoveryPlanner is designed to enable it to integrate with other critical software, such as your HR (including payroll and Active Directory), asset and monitoring software. Having this integration capability allows RecoveryPlanner to communicate directly with your other core systems in real-time. This will save you time by providing easier updating and ensure more reliable plans since your BCP software will be automatically updated when your other software is updated. RPX imports Word plans automatically!
  • Community. When subscribing to RecoveryPlanner, take advantage of our online community, forums and message boards. Get together with other similar companies to share BCP content, templates and other pertinent BCP information.
  • RSS Feeds. RecoveryPlanner utilizes RSS feeds to bring information right to your employees.


  • Best Value – High ROI/ Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Unlimited User Licensing
  • One Monthly Fee – no additional costs (SaaS), or One Time Purchase Plus Maintenance which includes Support
  • Content & Automation Throughout Included (Now Imports Word Plans)
  • Unlimited Help Desk at No Extra Charge
  • Maintenance at No Extra Charge (SaaS), or 20% (Lic. Purchase)
  • Integrated – All parts of planning software in one complete package Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – Risk Assessment – Plan Development
    – Plan Activation – Updating- Crisis Management – Audit – Notifications
  • Interactive in Plan Development, Maintenance and Activation
  • Mature Software Yet Continuously Modernized
  • World-Wide Partner Network for “Arm’s Length” Support

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