OpsCentre can plan and facilitate one-off or ongoing testing & exercising of your Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Pandemic Management and Disaster Recovery Plans with eachof your response teams. Whether you need a basic plan walkthrough, module or component testing, full desktop simulation or live and/or unannounced testing to really stretch your teams, we can develop and facilitate the relevant test scenarios for your teams to plans to respond to the incident presented. We facilitate 30-40 exercises per annum, for incident scenarios including weather extremities, physical building impacts, staff impacts, epidemic/pandemic incidents, cyber incidents and numerous IT disasters such as infrastructure failures, applications failures, data loss or corruption.  We also increasing provide Crisis Response Simulation exercises on topics such as Corporate Fraud, Corporate Collapse, changes in industry or market conditions and supply chain failure. For all exercises, we provide and actions/issues register and a full exercise outcomes report, that includes details of incident tested, participants, findings, areas for improvement and OpsCentre recommendations to improve your resilience maturity.

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OpsC BCP Exercise Materials

An important aspect of simulation exercises is ensuring that participants have of a ‘sense of reality’ as the incident unfolds.  Depending on requirements and budget, we enable this this by developing numerous scenario ingests, including:

  • News headlines and reports
  • Social Media ingests
  • Email notifications
  • Eye-witness reports
  • Live actors to make inbound phone calls, act as clients, media representatives, etc

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