Continuity Plan Health Check

Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Plans developed some time ago as a once-off project quickly become out of date with respect to current business functions, processes and underlying IT applications.  Further, many plans never undergo rigorous and thorough testing; statistics showing that 80%+ of businesses with untested continuity plans don’t recover from a major incident.

OpsCentre’s Business Continuity Health Check service will provide you with an assessment of the effectiveness of all aspects of your Business Continuity Management (BCM) program.

Our Health Check services are:

  • BCM Program Compliance Heath Check : a review of compliance to your entire business continuity program; management, operational, technical, training, testing, governance and reporting.
  • Documentation Health Check : a document-only review of the practicality of business continuity, IT disaster recovery, crisis and emergency management plans.  If required, a review of training, testing, contracts/SLAs, governance, incident and audit reports.
  • Formal Standards Health Check : a review against formal continuity standards such as the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) ‘Good-Practice’ guidelines,  Standards Australia HB292/3, ISO27001, APRA or Sarbanes Oxley guidelines.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Technical Health Check : a review of IT disaster recovery plan and procedure documentation against technical infrastructure (including a physical data centre audit) to identify gaps where technology infrastructure meets (or does not meet) defined plan(s).
  • Business Unit Continuity Plan Health Check : a review of business continuity plans with business-unit level managers, to ensure plans and contacts are up-to-date, implemented, staff awareness and training.
  • Physical Risk Health Check : a review of your primary and/or alternate site premises, to determine building risks, surrounding infrastructure risks, lifeline utility supplier and internal office premises risks.
  • Contract/Service Level Agreement Health Check : a review of key contracts or SLAs with outsourcers or key suppliers to determine gaps against your own business continuity requirements.

The deliverables are:

  • A Health Check document, incorporating key findings, a gap analysis, our recommendations and a plan for remedial action.
  • A Management presentation.