If you’re part of a New South Wales Government Agency or Statutory Body, then ‘DISP’ is an acronym that will already be very familiar to you. Announced by the Premier of NSW in 2012, Digital Information Security Policy (DISP) is a subset of the international ISO ISO27001 ‘Information Security Management’ Standard and has been put in place to ensure a minimal level of Information Security is upheld across the NSW State Government. If you are struggling to assess or accurately report your ‘attestation’ to DISP, the startpoint it to break DISP down into six (6) Core DISP Requirements:

  • Core Requirement 1 – Information Security Management System
  • Core Requirement 2 – Compliance with Minimum Controls
  • Core Requirement 3 – Certified Compliance with AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27001
  • Core Requirement 4 – Community of Practice
  • Core Requirement 5 – Compliance Attestation
  • Core Requirement 6 – Implementation Progress Report

OpsCentre fast-tracks our Client’s compliance to DISP, by

  • Developing a Project Charter, Plan, Budget and Resourcing Plan
  • Undertaking a Current State Assessment of the current Information Security posture, framework, tools, policies and processes
  • Providing recommendations for remediation activities in areas that do not meet the minimum DISP requirements
  • Establishing a DISP/ISMS Framework and identifying required Controls
  • Implementing an Information Security Risk Assessment Framework, Risk Assessment and Project Methodology
  • Developing key DISP management controls, such as Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA), Information Asset Register (IAR) Statement of Applicability (SOA) and Information Security Policies
  • Recommending strategies for mitigation and implementing controls to meet gaps in current Information Security practices
  • Providing ongoing assessments, governance and reporting against DISP and assisting with formal DISP Audit, Compliance and Certification reviews

Our market-leading security management consultancy services uphold the rigorous requirements of formal auditors including SIA Global, BSI and NSW Audit Office. When you engage OpsCentre, you’re assured that your information security processes and infrastructure are in line with all relevant certification standards.

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