Avian Flu, Swine Flu, SARs, Zika Virus.  If there’s one thing these epidemics and pandemic have taught us, it’s that they can quickly escalate from an improbable, distant threat to a immediate business impact in a matter of days, or even hours.  With CoronaVirus, we’ve already seen school closures, major corporations evacuate their offices and the threat of cancellation of the Olympics in Japan.

To take control of a pandemic incident, confirmed cases need to be quarantined quickly, unaffected staff protected and clear policies and guidelines put in place to ensure business continuity.  And unlike most other business continuity incidents, a pandemic is one that typically last months to years, not just days to weeks.

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  • What is CoronaVirus?
  • How is CoronaVirus different to the Flu?
  • What to do if you feel sick?
  • Preventative Countermeasures

Protecting Your Business

  • 6 Steps to protecting your Business
  • Sample Checklists
  • Sample Policies
  • Work from Home Considerations

Training & Awareness

  • OpsCentre CoronaVirus Awareness Training
  • Training Course A
  • Training Course B
  • Recorded Webinar C

Developing your Response Strategy

Considerations when developing your Pandemic Response Strategy include:

  • Response mechanism to immediately address suspected cases in the workplace
  • Developing work-from-home, return-to-work and travel policies
  • Rapidly deploying new technologies
  • Increasing voice and data communications capacity to cater for remote working
  • Developing containment and social distancing plans for staff, customers and visitors
  • What are our critical business processes and minimum staffing levels that we need to maintain ?
  • How will we continue to operate with up to 30-40% of our staff working remotely, or quarantined ? Can our Customer Contact Centre, IT Department and other critical Operational areas continue to function with reduced staffing levels?
  • What containment and social distancing strategies do we need to implement within our business?
  • How do we respond to staff fear and anxiety?
  • Are we prepared for suspected or actual influenza cases in the workplace; how do we deal with them?
  • Have we developed and implemented adequate pandemic response plans and procedures?
  • Do we have adequate stocks of emergency supplies and enough ‘telecommuting’ infrastructure to enable staff to work remotely?
  • Can our staff work remotely if they are quarantined for an extended period? What if they need to remain at home to look after sick family members, or children who are unable to attend school?

Need further help?

OpsCentre’s Consulting Services include:

  • Pandemic Response Plan Templates
  • Corporate/Human Resource Policies
  • Training & Awareness Presentations
  • Pandemic Risk & Business Impact Assessments
  • Pandemic Simulation workshops
  • Communications Strategies for Pandemic situations
  • Pandemic Response Strategy Implementation
  • Pandemic Incident Response Support and Assistance

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