Our Backup and Archiving Consultancy Services ensure that risks to data and information is known, data is stored and protected effectively and that disaster recovery point objectives can be readily met, using appropriate technologies to match backup and archiving policies. With the recent explosive growth of data storage and technology infrastructure and applications recoverable with almost ‘a click of a button’ simplicity, today’s businesses priority is Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of corporate information and data. However, the reality is that backups often exceed available windows, backup technologies have become increasingly complex and strategies and policies to secure and protect data are unclear and challenging to manage:

  • Do you have a clear, overarching data protection strategy?
  • Have you mapped the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of your corporate information?
  • Have you defined business requirements relating to data backup, retention, archiving and retrieval?
  • How often to you undertake trial restores to confirm data is retrievable?
  • Do you know the location and medium used to store your company sensitive data and information?
  • Do you know the risks due to loss of information?

Our Services Include:

  • Data and Information Risk, Service Level and Regulatory/Compliance Audits & Assessment
  • Information Management Business Requirements
  • Data and Information Backup Strategy, Policy and Plan
  • Implementation plan, roadmap, technology options and resourcing

In partnership with industry-leading Information Management specialists, we offer the following data backup, replication and secure storage services:

  • Tape backup management & secure storage services
  • Realtime data Replication and Backup-as-a-service solutions
  • Data archive and restoration services
  • Escrow and data assurance services