Response Strategies


Despite what some may believe, the Swine Flu pandemic is not over; in fact the evidence is that we are just at the outset here in Australia. It’s expected that it may last up to two years, and whilst the severity of the virus is less than originally expected, the virus is still spreading rapidly.

Do you know how to keep your organisation running with staff incapacitated and others quarantined and working remotely. Do you know how to respond if someone contracts the virus who works in your office?

Ensure your organisation minimises the impact by joining us for a practical 60-minute audio conference where you and your staff will discover how to:

  • Assess risks and impacts
  • Develop response strategies and plans
  • Train your staff
  • Communicate within and outside your organisation.

Conference Benefits

This program is based on solid research that shows what your staff need to do today to address this important issue. This 60-minute, fast-paced, content-packed, energetically delivered program will provide you with the training tools to help you develop a a continuity plan at a a fraction of the cost of engaging outside expertise.

Conference Highlights

  • Assess risks and impacts – we will show you how to undertake a swine flu risk assessment, identify possible impacts to your organisation and its staff, and collate and present a summary risk model to your Executive
  • Develop response strategies and plans. We will show you how to develop the planning tools you need in a practical and pragmatic format that are easy to understand and maintain.
  • Train your staff. Educating your staff is a critical component of your success. We will demonstrate a variety of tools and methods you can use to ensure that every one of your staff knows about your pandemic response plan and their role within in.
  • Communicate within and outside your organisation. Keep your staff up to date. Make your customers and stakeholders aware of your plans. Ensure you’re aware of the latest status of the pandemic at all time. We’ll give you the fastest and simplest ways to get your message out to every audience, loudly and clearly.

Speaker Profile

Rod Crowder is founder and Managing Director of OpsCentre and the company’s highest rated presenters and trainers. He is recognized as a leading expert in business continuity, crisis and IT disaster recovery management.

    • Since 1999, Rod has been actively involved in the successful establishment nad growth of OpsCentre
    • His clients include Lend Lease, Macquarie Bank, Fujitsu Australia,

Flexirent Capital, i-MED, AAPT, Integral Energy, Telstra Corporation, Westlink M7 Motorway, Ninemsn, Promina, Goodman, Thomson Reuters, Franklins, Omnilab Media Group, NSW Department of Education, NSW Department of Corrective Services, Housing NSW, NSW Health, Queensland Health and Regis Healthcare.

  • Rod regularly writes articles on the topics of business continuity, IT disaster recovery, crisis management, pandemic planning, emergency management, IT security management, and he delivers numerous training courses on these topics.

Special Offer

Anyone who books and pays for this conference in full and subsquently engages OpsCentre to provide consultancy or research services will have the full cost of this audio program refunded.

Participation in the audio conference call is just $99.00 per site, allowing access to one phone line for an unlimited number of people to listen.

Conference Materials

Conference Materials will be provided approximately one week before the program date via email with PDF links. Please download the PDF files before the day of the program.

Register & Pricing

A$99.00 for live audio conference and program material.

This is an outstanding program and therefore we offer our attendees a Money Back Guarantee – we are so confident you will find the conference program valuable that we offer a 100% money back guarantee, making this a risk-free investment.